Corporate List

Ace Plastics Company Limited

Products:Door lock control system, headlight system, Gas pedal, Vacuum pump, Electroplated
interior parts, etc.

Auto Parts (HK) Industries Ltd.

“Oil filters、Fuel/ Diesel Filters, AMT Transmission, Automotive electronics & various control systems、 Automotive wire harness”

AvantWave Limited

Balun technology international Limited

Testing and Certification Body for Automotive, New Energy Vehicles, Smart City, Photovoltaic System, Power Battery etc.

Belton Technology Holdings Ltd.

Product: Flexible Heater for Seat Heating, Ultra-capacitor cell and Module for HEV, EV

Billion Bright (HK) Corporation Ltd.

Products:“Wiring Harness, EV Electric Cable Assembly, High Voltage Connector Assembled, Heat Seal Connector”

Blutech Engineering Limited

Products:Coating System And Testing Equipment.

Boshi Industries Limited

Products: Engine Components, Air Condition Components.

Cableplus Industrial Co., Ltd.

Product: ODM, OEM and manufacturing of polymer compounds, wires and cables, assemblies and power supplies (for automotive, EV and EV cars, railways and underground) locomotives)

Carven Circuits Limited

Products:Printed Circuit Boards

Censin International (HK) Co. Limited

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Radiator hose 、Rubber shock absorber parts; Interior:Grommet for auto part 、Sunvisor auto part.

Chau Leong Enterprise (Group) Ltd.

Chemtall Hong Kong Limited

Chiaphua Industries Ltd.

China Kong Auto Body Builders Co. Ltd.

Products:Bus Body Building

Ching Ming Aluminium Die Casting Manufactory Ltd

Products:ECU housing Throttle Body Housing

Chiswick Metal Works Limited

Products:Electronic Product

Chit Tat Metal Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Products:Air Pump High Pressure & High Volume

Comax Industrial Company Limited

Country Well Ltd.

DAC Components Ltd (A member of Defond Group)

Datamatic CNC Engineering Co., Ltd.

Products:Lamp, Housing & Lens

Datrans Company Limited

oducts:Engine parts, chassis parts, brake parts.

De Hua Materials Testing Co., Ltd.

ScanMasterspot welds, Bosello X-ray Radioscopic Inspection System, BelecSpectrometers, LAMPLAN Sample preparation equipment, RTE vibrational testers, Sonatest Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, Tiede magnetic particlestesting equipment,United Universal Testing machineand Dakota nodularitytesters.

Digi-Advance Technology Ltd

Products:Industry 4.0 – Manufacturing Execution System solution provider specializing in green energy efficiency solution and smart production control and management system.

DV Power Ltd

Eagle Trading (Far East) Ltd.

Ecomotor Limited

Products:D.C. Motors and D.C. Brushless Motors.

Epicor Software (North Asia) Limited

Products:ERP Software for Automotive Components Industry

Euroka Electrical Mfg Co., Ltd


European Gas Asia Pacific Sales and Service Center limited

Products:Sales and services on bi-fuel system, diesel mix systems for OEM and after markets.

Eva Precision Industrial Holdings Ltd

Products:Development and manufacture of moulds & components and welding service.

Excelight Ltd.

Geely Automobile Holdings Limited

Products:Automobile Engines, Transmissions

Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) Limited

Products:Electronic Product

Golden Dragon High-Technology Co., Ltd.

GP Industries Marketing Ltd.

Products:Automotive Wire Harness.

Grand Ocean (International) Ltd.

Grandmark Industrial Ltd

Products:Automotive Engines, Transmissions, Engine Control System

Greenergy Technology Company Ltd

Guangdong Grandmark Automotive Systems CO., LTD

Products:Automatic transmission

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.

Products:lamp, door, motor etc.

Guangzhou Dajun Clutch Co Ltd

Products:Clutch cover, clutch disc

Guangzhou Supcon Advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd


Hang Ji Industries International Ltd

Products:Aluminum Tube Assembly

Hi Tech Automotive System Limited

Products:Design, production, sales: Powertrain suspension, compressor bracket

Hing Yu Metal Works Ltd.

Products:Exhaust System, Catalytic Converters

HK Gear Company Limited

Products:R & D, production and sales of automotive transmission assembly

Hong Kong Automotive X'tals Ltd

Products:Quartz Crystal, Testing equipment for Quartz Crystals

Hongfa Electroacoustic (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

Products:Electric vacuum pump, automotive relay, HVDC relay, automotive body control module.

Hongrita Plastics Limited

Products:Dashboard part, Car key remote control part, Padel

Hop Ngai Industrial Ltd.

Hung Fung Steel (HK) Limited

Products:Special steel for mould

Infotronic Automotive Systems Ltd

Porducts:AMR seat belt, advance driver assistance(PWS), Vehicle System Controller(VSC), etc.

Jebsen Automotive Technik Co. Ltd

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Automotive Oil pump & Cooling pump system, Gasoline system, Diesel system; Miscellaneous auto parts:Automotive Batteries.

Jing Mei Automotive Limited

Products:Electro-plated Door handle, mirror scalp, grille, wheel hub.

Johnson Electric International Ltd.

Products:Braking, Door Locks, Engine Management, HVAC, Lighting, Mirrors, Power Closure Systems, Power Train Cooling, Seating, Steering and Suspension, Transmission, Wash Pumps, Window Lift and Sunroof Drives.

Joyas Manufacturing Ltd.

K H Group Co., Limited

Products:Engine-production,sales,stock affairs ; Transmissions-agents,sales and service.

Ka Shui Manufactory Company Ltd

Poducts:Car Body and Main Part:Battery Tray /Car Door/Seat Slide/Seat Frame/Seat Pedal;Interior:Bracket/Throttle Valve Body/Pump System Column/Heat Sink;Power-train & Chassis :Control Arm/Shock Absorption Tower/Suspension Components/Engine Block and Peripheral parts;Electrical and Electronics: ECU Housing/Charger/Rechargeable Pile Components/Transmission Case; Miscellaneous auto parts: Connector Parts / Air Conditioning Compressor Housing.

Kaga (HK) Electronics Ltd

Products:Power Electronics components, FCM module, Signal PCBA ECU

Kam Pin Industrial (HK) Ltd

Products:Coating adn Anti-Corrosion Process for Automotive Parts.

Karin Technology Holdings Ltd


Keensound Industries Limited

Products:Precision Metal Parts for Automotive

Kenta Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Top Control Module, Water Pump; Interior:Switches and Keys; Power-train & Chassis :Ignition coil, Oil Pipes, Filters; Electrical and Electronics: Connectors, Sensors, bobbins, Pin-insertion; Miscellaneous auto parts: Precision Plastics Part, Overmolding Part, Functional Part .

King Siu Metal Product Factory Ltd.

Kingdom Fine Metal Ltd.

Products:Closures, Roof systems, Bracket, Cover heat Eng, Bracket Eng MT.

Kingston Trading Company

Kong Sing Manufactory Co. Ltd.

Kowloon International Industries Co., Ltd.

Products:Interior:Automobile Seat Wire ,Headrest,directional Lock Parts;Power-train & Chassis :Transmission Parking Brake Mechanism,Valve Drive Spring, Valve Drive Card Board,Return Spring Set of Clutch; Miscellaneous auto parts: Spring,Stamping and CNC machining parts used in Skylight,Lock,Braking Systems,Plastic parts of Car Body, Electronics Control Systems.

Kraiburg Tpe China Co. Ltd.

Products:Material supply in Auto Components.

Lee Kee Group

Products: Commodities zinc, aluminum, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and electroplating chemicals Services: Materials testing, alloy customization and technical consultancy.

Leeport Technology Ltd.

Projects:Major Automotive Components Products.

Lomak Industrial Company Limited

Products:CANARY, 6 in 1 Co Dector Survival Guard.

Loxca Industries Ltd.

Projects:Press-fit Terminal, Door Circuit Control, Fuse Box Circuit, Socket Plug, Regulator, Lighting System.

Loyal Sunny International Limited

Projects:LED-Triangle Warning Sign(Semi-Waterproof).

Luen Shing Tools Limited

Man Tak Metal Co., Ltd

Man Yue Technology Holdings Ltd.

Products:Power Film Cap, EDLC, EDLC Module.

Mansfield Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Metro Bearing & Automotive Ltd.

Products:Barke Chamber, Slack Adjuster Bearing

Milton Plastics Ltd.

Modern Metal & Refining Ltd

Products:Cam caps, Oil Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Filter Adapter, Engine Bracket, Steering Main Housing, Engine Block/Crankcase, Real Oil Seal Retainer.

Morning Sun (Hong Kong) Limited

Products:professional ECU OEM/ODM factory for automotive

Nam Hing Circuit Board Co., Ltd

Products:Printed circuit board/Copper foil.

Nano and Advanced Mat'l Institute Ltd

Products:R & D of Automotive Parts including power batteries and plastic components

New Energy Automobile (HK) Ltd

Products:New energy battery

New Way Company

Newtech Electronics (HK) Ltd

Products:TFT LCD

Ngai Hing Hong Plastic Materials (Hong.Kong) Ltd.

Products:Trading of High Performance Engineering Plastics for automotive industry including PA,POM, HTN, LCP, TPV & PPS, etc.

NTK Holdings Limited

Products:Electrical and Electronics: Thermal Solution applied in Automotive and High Speed Train; Miscellaneous auto parts: Precision Auto Parts Processing.

Ocean Metal & Plastic Ltd

Products:Metal stamping and wielding parts

Olympic Motor Group

Products:Tyres, Battery, Alarm System

Optimum Rubber Products Ltd.

Products:Automotive Rubber Parts

P Hui & Company Ltd.

Products:Brake Pad, Brake Rotor/Drum, Clutch Disc, Light bulb, Rubber belt, Piston ring, Hub bolt, Horn.

P-Right Plastic Electroplating Limited


Pacific Master International Ltd

Products:Car Body and Main Part: Radiation grill, splash shield, Bumper guard, Hubcap, Fog lamp cover, door panel, symbol; Interior: Sun visor, handle, Glove compartment.

Pearl River Oil & Chemical Co Ltd

Perennial Cable Limited

Products:Wire Harness

Pilot International Limited

Products:HID conversion Kit, HID torch, Bi-xenon, Projector Lens light for car

Point Well Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Products:Stepping Motor(For Dashboard)

Power Act Enterprises Ltd.

Products:Terminals and connectors

Precise Metal Parts Co.

Providence Enterprise Limited

Products:Synchronous Motors; Beverage ; Pumps; Mini Air Pumps… Etc.

Quantum EVM Limited

Products:High efficiency integrated motor & VFD, Twin motor direct drive

Rado Engineering & Trading Company

Rayben Technologies (HK) Limited

Products:Automative Lighting Module/ PCB

Robot Intelligent Technology (HK) Limited

Products:Electric vehicle charging equipment & charging management system

Season Automotive Components Co., Ltd.

Shantin Industrial (HK) Ltd.

Products:TE connectivity Raychem Tube, Connector, HellermannTyton Cable ties, tube, Teraoka, Nitto Denko Tape, Iwase PVC tubing.

Sharpwell Technology Limited

Shenzhen Lotpure Motor Internet Co., Ltd


Shing Hing Industrial Limited

Products:Oil Filter, Hydraulic Components, Shock Absorber, Chassis Components, Brake Components, Roof & Door Locks Compents, Automotive Interiors.

Shui Cheong System Ltd.

Products:Passenger Seat Test & Certificate.

Shun King Park Platform Company Limited(HongKong)

Products:Interior: Aluminium alloy die casting parts ; Miscellaneous auto parts: Aluminium alloy die casting parts.

Sinomax Group Limited

Spintec Precision Manufactory Ltd.

Products:Worm, Gear, Sharft, Lathed Part, Precision Worm, Spindle, CNC & Lathed Parts.

Stadium Asia Ltd.

Standard Motor Co., Ltd.

Products:DC motor for air-conditioning actuators, headlight beam ad adjusters, door lock actuators and rearview mirrors & automatic cruise control.

Sun Strong Precision Metal International Ltd

Products:Sheet Metal Parts for Brake and Entertainment Systems used in Automotive Industries.

Sunny EP Technology Ltd

Products:Spoiler, interior parts, Dashboard, anti-collision rod.

Superband (H.K.) Industrial Limeted

Products:Interior: engine stanchion, wheel stator, knuckle; Miscellaneous auto parts: running board, bracket.

Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Limited

Products:Car Audio, Automotive Telematics, Automotive Body Electronics, Automotive Electronics Product Manufacturing Service.

Tetley Springs & Metal Company Ltd.

Products:Precision Springs, Plastic Injection,Metal Stamping.

Texsteel China Ltd.

Products:Aluminium parts for armrest & seats.

The Standard Spring Metals Co., Ltd.

Tin Chang Holdings Ltd

Products:Knob Parts, Motor Parts.

Tin Ping Metal Parts Limited

Products:Tin Ping Metal Parts Limited Stamped Parts, Turning Parts, Springs & CNC Milling Parts.

Torque Industry (Holding) Ltd.

Products:Designing, producing and distributing Electromagnetic Retarder (EMR) as well as offering the after-sales service.

Ultraform Metal Works Company Limited

Products:Car Body and Main Part: Car Head Light ; Power-train & Chassis : Transmission and gearbox parts.

Ultratech Mold Design & Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Products:Interior: Interior trimming sub-assembled parts, instrument panels, consoles, door trim;Electrical and Electronics: Connectors for low voltage power, high precision sensors_ components.

United Metals Co., Ltd.

United Rubber Factory Limited

Vigor Precision Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part: actuator, central door lock, side mirror gearbox, air con gearbox, car curtain gearbox, adaptive light adjuster, step meter; MISC: central door lock, car seat adjuster, actuator for side mirror, air con, adaptive light, car curtain, step meter.

Wah Ming Optical Manufactory Limited

Wai To Int'l (H.K.) Ltd.

Walex Electronics Ltd.

Wellgain Precision Products Limited

Products:Automative parts.

Wellmei Mold & Plastics Industrial (H.K.) Co., Ltd.

Products:Decoration parts, internal parts.

Wincome Industrial Company

Wing Fat Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Products:Automotive parts.

Winstar Chemicals Co. , Ltd

WKK Technology Ltd.

Products:Dashboard PCBA, Signal PCBA, Seat Controls PCBA, Display Module, Car Alarm, GPS, Blue Tooth Car Kit, Car Audio, Land Mobile Radio, ECU Module

Wuling Motors Holdings Limited

Products:Motor vehicles’ engines, components, seat sets, etc.

Wyldar Machine Tool Ltd.

Products:Product Build Geometry; Precision Laser. Metrology; Data Analysis and Management.

Xiongfeng Automatic Equipment Company Limited

Products:Industrial robot and system integration, automatic equipment.

Yat Shun Mfg., Co., Ltd.

Yu King Industrial Ltd.

Products:Automobile LED display components, busbar for Lithium Ion Battery, car starter components.

Yue Fung Industrial Co.

Yuet Chung Metal Ware Manufactory Limited