Kowloon International Industries Co., Ltd.

Products:Interior:Automobile Seat Wire ,Headrest,directional Lock Parts;Power-train & Chassis :Transmission Parking Brake Mechanism,Valve Drive Spring, Valve Drive Card Board,Return Spring Set of Clutch; Miscellaneous auto parts: Spring,Stamping and CNC machining parts used in Skylight,Lock,Braking Systems,Plastic parts of Car Body, Electronics Control Systems.

Kenta Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Top Control Module, Water Pump; Interior:Switches and Keys; Power-train & Chassis :Ignition coil, Oil Pipes, Filters; Electrical and Electronics: Connectors, Sensors, bobbins, Pin-insertion; Miscellaneous auto parts: Precision Plastics Part, Overmolding Part, Functional Part .