Vigor Precision Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part: actuator, central door lock, side mirror gearbox, air con gearbox, car curtain gearbox, adaptive light adjuster, step meter; MISC: central door lock, car seat adjuster, actuator for side mirror, air con, adaptive light, car curtain, step meter.

Kenta Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Top Control Module, Water Pump; Interior:Switches and Keys; Power-train & Chassis :Ignition coil, Oil Pipes, Filters; Electrical and Electronics: Connectors, Sensors, bobbins, Pin-insertion; Miscellaneous auto parts: Precision Plastics Part, Overmolding Part, Functional Part .

Ka Shui Manufactory Company Ltd

Poducts:Car Body and Main Part:Battery Tray /Car Door/Seat Slide/Seat Frame/Seat Pedal;Interior:Bracket/Throttle Valve Body/Pump System Column/Heat Sink;Power-train & Chassis :Control Arm/Shock Absorption Tower/Suspension Components/Engine Block and Peripheral parts;Electrical and Electronics: ECU Housing/Charger/Rechargeable Pile Components/Transmission Case; Miscellaneous auto parts: Connector Parts / Air Conditioning Compressor Housing.