Corporate List

Ace Plastics Company Limited

Products:Door lock control system, headlight system, Gas pedal, Vacuum pump, Electroplated
interior parts, etc.

Auto Parts (HK) Industries Ltd.

“Oil filters、Fuel/ Diesel Filters, AMT Transmission, Automotive electronics & various control systems、 Automotive wire harness”

Balun technology international Limited

Tel:+86 755 66833830 Fax:+86 755 61824271 Products:Testing and Certification Body for Automotive, New Energy Vehicles, Smart City, Photovoltaic System, Power Battery etc.

Belton Technology Holdings Ltd.

Product: Flexible Heater for Seat Heating, Ultra-capacitor cell and Module for HEV, EV

Billion Bright (HK) Corporation Ltd.

Products:“Wiring Harness, EV Electric Cable Assembly, High Voltage Connector Assembled, Heat Seal Connector”

Blutech Engineering Limited

Products:Coating System And Testing Equipment.

Boshi Industries Limited

Products: Engine Components, Air Condition Components.

Cableplus Industrial Co., Ltd.

Product: ODM, OEM and manufacturing of polymer compounds, wires and cables, assemblies and power supplies (for automotive, EV and EV cars, railways and underground) locomotives)

Carven Circuits Limited

Products:Printed Circuit Boards

Censin International (HK) Co. Limited

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Radiator hose 、Rubber shock absorber parts; Interior:Grommet for auto part 、Sunvisor auto part.

China Kong Auto Body Builders Co. Ltd.

Products:Bus Body Building

Ching Ming Aluminium Die Casting Manufactory Ltd

Products:ECU housing Throttle Body Housing

Chiswick Metal Works Limited

Products:Electronic Product

Chit Tat Metal Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Products:Air Pump High Pressure & High Volume

Datamatic CNC Engineering Co., Ltd.

Products:Lamp, Housing & Lens

Datrans Company Limited

oducts:Engine parts, chassis parts, brake parts.

De Hua Materials Testing Co., Ltd.

Tel:852-2856 3280 Fax:852-2579 1380 ; Products:ScanMasterspot welds, Bosello X-ray Radioscopic Inspection System, BelecSpectrometers, LAMPLAN Sample preparation equipment, RTE vibrational testers, Sonatest Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, Tiede magnetic particlestesting equipment,United Universal Testing machineand Dakota nodularitytesters.

Digi-Advance Technology Ltd

Products:Industry 4.0 – Manufacturing Execution System solution provider specializing in green energy efficiency solution and smart production control and management system.

Ecomotor Limited

Products:D.C. Motors and D.C. Brushless Motors.

Epicor Software (North Asia) Limited

Products:ERP Software for Automotive Components Industry

Euroka Electrical Mfg Co., Ltd


European Gas Asia Pacific Sales and Service Center limited

Products:Sales and services on bi-fuel system, diesel mix systems for OEM and after markets.

Eva Precision Industrial Holdings Ltd

Products:Development and manufacture of moulds & components and welding service.

Geely Automobile Holdings Limited

Products:Automobile Engines, Transmissions

Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) Limited

Products:Electronic Product

GP Industries Marketing Ltd.

Products:Automotive Wire Harness.

Grandmark Industrial Ltd

Products:Automotive Engines, Transmissions, Engine Control System

Guangdong Grandmark Automotive Systems CO., LTD

Products:Automatic transmission

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.

Products:lamp, door, motor etc.

Guangzhou Dajun Clutch Co Ltd

Products:Clutch cover, clutch disc

Guangzhou Supcon Advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd


Hang Ji Industries International Ltd

Products:Aluminum Tube Assembly

Hi Tech Automotive System Limited

Products:Design, production, sales: Powertrain suspension, compressor bracket

Hing Yu Metal Works Ltd.

Products:Exhaust System, Catalytic Converters

HK Gear Company Limited

Products:R & D, production and sales of automotive transmission assembly

Hong Kong Automotive X'tals Ltd

Products:Quartz Crystal, Testing equipment for Quartz Crystals

Hongfa Electroacoustic (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

Products:Electric vacuum pump, automotive relay, HVDC relay, automotive body control module.

Hongrita Plastics Limited

Products:Dashboard part, Car key remote control part, Padel

Hung Fung Steel (HK) Limited

Products:Special steel for mould

Infotronic Automotive Systems Ltd

Porducts:AMR seat belt, advance driver assistance(PWS), Vehicle System Controller(VSC), etc.

Jebsen Automotive Technik Co. Ltd

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Automotive Oil pump & Cooling pump system, Gasoline system, Diesel system; Miscellaneous auto parts:Automotive Batteries.

Jing Mei Automotive Limited

Products:Electro-plated Door handle, mirror scalp, grille, wheel hub.

Johnson Electric International Ltd.

Products:Braking, Door Locks, Engine Management, HVAC, Lighting, Mirrors, Power Closure Systems, Power Train Cooling, Seating, Steering and Suspension, Transmission, Wash Pumps, Window Lift and Sunroof Drives.

K H Group Co., Limited

Products:Engine-production,sales,stock affairs ; Transmissions-agents,sales and service.

Ka Shui Manufactory Company Ltd

Poducts:Car Body and Main Part:Battery Tray /Car Door/Seat Slide/Seat Frame/Seat Pedal;Interior:Bracket/Throttle Valve Body/Pump System Column/Heat Sink;Power-train & Chassis :Control Arm/Shock Absorption Tower/Suspension Components/Engine Block and Peripheral parts;Electrical and Electronics: ECU Housing/Charger/Rechargeable Pile Components/Transmission Case; Miscellaneous auto parts: Connector Parts / Air Conditioning Compressor Housing.

Kaga (HK) Electronics Ltd

Products:Power Electronics components, FCM module, Signal PCBA ECU

Kam Pin Industrial (HK) Ltd

Products:Coating adn Anti-Corrosion Process for Automotive Parts.

Karin Technology Holdings Ltd


Keensound Industries Limited

Products:Precision Metal Parts for Automotive

Kenta Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part:Top Control Module, Water Pump; Interior:Switches and Keys; Power-train & Chassis :Ignition coil, Oil Pipes, Filters; Electrical and Electronics: Connectors, Sensors, bobbins, Pin-insertion; Miscellaneous auto parts: Precision Plastics Part, Overmolding Part, Functional Part .

Kingdom Fine Metal Ltd.

Products:Closures, Roof systems, Bracket, Cover heat Eng, Bracket Eng MT.

Kowloon International Industries Co., Ltd.

Products:Interior:Automobile Seat Wire ,Headrest,directional Lock Parts;Power-train & Chassis :Transmission Parking Brake Mechanism,Valve Drive Spring, Valve Drive Card Board,Return Spring Set of Clutch; Miscellaneous auto parts: Spring,Stamping and CNC machining parts used in Skylight,Lock,Braking Systems,Plastic parts of Car Body, Electronics Control Systems.

Kraiburg Tpe China Co. Ltd.

Products:Material supply in Auto Components.

Lee Kee Group

Products: Commodities zinc, aluminum, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and electroplating chemicals Services: Materials testing, alloy customization and technical consultancy.

Leeport Technology Ltd.

Projects:Major Automotive Components Products.

Lomak Industrial Company Limited

Products:CANARY, 6 in 1 Co Dector Survival Guard.

Loxca Industries Ltd.

Projects:Press-fit Terminal, Door Circuit Control, Fuse Box Circuit, Socket Plug, Regulator, Lighting System.

Loyal Sunny International Limited

Projects:LED-Triangle Warning Sign(Semi-Waterproof).

Man Yue Technology Holdings Ltd.

Products:Power Film Cap, EDLC, EDLC Module.

Metro Bearing & Automotive Ltd.

Products:Barke Chamber, Slack Adjuster Bearing

Modern Metal & Refining Ltd

Products:Cam caps, Oil Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Filter Adapter, Engine Bracket, Steering Main Housing, Engine Block/Crankcase, Real Oil Seal Retainer.

Morning Sun (Hong Kong) Limited

Products:professional ECU OEM/ODM factory for automotive

Nam Hing Circuit Board Co., Ltd

Products:Printed circuit board/Copper foil.

Nano and Advanced Mat'l Institute Ltd

Products:R & D of Automotive Parts including power batteries and plastic components

New Energy Automobile (HK) Ltd

Products:New energy battery

New Way Company

Newtech Electronics (HK) Ltd

Products:TFT LCD

Ngai Hing Hong Plastic Materials (Hong.Kong) Ltd.

Products:Trading of High Performance Engineering Plastics for automotive industry including PA,POM, HTN, LCP, TPV & PPS, etc.

NTK Holdings Limited

Products:Electrical and Electronics: Thermal Solution applied in Automotive and High Speed Train; Miscellaneous auto parts: Precision Auto Parts Processing.

Ocean Metal & Plastic Ltd

Products:Metal stamping and wielding parts

Olympic Motor Group

Products:Tyres, Battery, Alarm System

Optimum Rubber Products Ltd.

Products:Automotive Rubber Parts

P Hui & Company Ltd.

Products:Brake Pad, Brake Rotor/Drum, Clutch Disc, Light bulb, Rubber belt, Piston ring, Hub bolt, Horn.

P-Right Plastic Electroplating Limited


Pacific Master International Ltd

Products:Car Body and Main Part: Radiation grill, splash shield, Bumper guard, Hubcap, Fog lamp cover, door panel, symbol; Interior: Sun visor, handle, Glove compartment.

Perennial Cable Limited

Products:Wire Harness

Pilot International Limited

Products:HID conversion Kit, HID torch, Bi-xenon, Projector Lens light for car

Point Well Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Products:Stepping Motor(For Dashboard)

Power Act Enterprises Ltd.

Products:Terminals and connectors

Providence Enterprise Limited

Products:Synchronous Motors; Beverage ; Pumps; Mini Air Pumps… Etc.

Quantum EVM Limited

Products:High efficiency integrated motor & VFD, Twin motor direct drive

Rayben Technologies (HK) Limited

Products:Automative Lighting Module/ PCB

Robot Intelligent Technology (HK) Limited

Products:Electric vehicle charging equipment & charging management system

Shantin Industrial (HK) Ltd.

Products:TE connectivity Raychem Tube, Connector, HellermannTyton Cable ties, tube, Teraoka, Nitto Denko Tape, Iwase PVC tubing.

Shenzhen Lotpure Motor Internet Co., Ltd


Shing Hing Industrial Limited

Products:Oil Filter, Hydraulic Components, Shock Absorber, Chassis Components, Brake Components, Roof & Door Locks Compents, Automotive Interiors.

Shui Cheong System Ltd.

Products:Passenger Seat Test & Certificate.

Shun King Park Platform Company Limited(HongKong)

Products:Interior: Aluminium alloy die casting parts ; Miscellaneous auto parts: Aluminium alloy die casting parts.

Spintec Precision Manufactory Ltd.

Products:Worm, Gear, Sharft, Lathed Part, Precision Worm, Spindle, CNC & Lathed Parts.

Standard Motor Co., Ltd.

Products:DC motor for air-conditioning actuators, headlight beam ad adjusters, door lock actuators and rearview mirrors & automatic cruise control.

Sun Strong Precision Metal International Ltd

Products:Sheet Metal Parts for Brake and Entertainment Systems used in Automotive Industries.

Sunny EP Technology Ltd

Products:Spoiler, interior parts, Dashboard, anti-collision rod.

Superband (H.K.) Industrial Limeted

Products:Interior: engine stanchion, wheel stator, knuckle; Miscellaneous auto parts: running board, bracket.

Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Limited

Products:Car Audio, Automotive Telematics, Automotive Body Electronics, Automotive Electronics Product Manufacturing Service.

Tetley Springs & Metal Company Ltd.

Products:Precision Springs, Plastic Injection,Metal Stamping.

Texsteel China Ltd.

Products:Aluminium parts for armrest & seats.

Tin Chang Holdings Ltd

Products:Knob Parts, Motor Parts.

Tin Ping Metal Parts Limited

Products:Tin Ping Metal Parts Limited Stamped Parts, Turning Parts, Springs & CNC Milling Parts.

Torque Industry (Holding) Ltd.

Products:Designing, producing and distributing Electromagnetic Retarder (EMR) as well as offering the after-sales service.

Ultraform Metal Works Company Limited

Products:Car Body and Main Part: Car Head Light ; Power-train & Chassis : Transmission and gearbox parts.

Ultratech Mold Design & Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Products:Interior: Interior trimming sub-assembled parts, instrument panels, consoles, door trim;Electrical and Electronics: Connectors for low voltage power, high precision sensors_ components.

Vigor Precision Ltd.

Products:Car Body and Main Part: actuator, central door lock, side mirror gearbox, air con gearbox, car curtain gearbox, adaptive light adjuster, step meter; MISC: central door lock, car seat adjuster, actuator for side mirror, air con, adaptive light, car curtain, step meter.

Wellgain Precision Products Limited

Products:Automative parts.

Wellmei Mold & Plastics Industrial (H.K.) Co., Ltd.

Products:Decoration parts, internal parts.

Wing Fat Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Products:Automotive parts.

WKK Technology Ltd.

Products:Dashboard PCBA, Signal PCBA, Seat Controls PCBA, Display Module, Car Alarm, GPS, Blue Tooth Car Kit, Car Audio, Land Mobile Radio, ECU Module

Wuling Motors Holdings Limited

Products:Motor vehicles’ engines, components, seat sets, etc.

Wyldar Machine Tool Ltd.

Products:Product Build Geometry; Precision Laser. Metrology; Data Analysis and Management.

Xiongfeng Automatic Equipment Company Limited

Products:Industrial robot and system integration, automatic equipment.

Yu King Industrial Ltd.

Products:Automobile LED display components, busbar for Lithium Ion Battery, car starter components.